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    About Code Rodeo

    Code Rodeo is a creative agency for digital projects that matter.

    We make beautifully designed, custom built websites and applications in partnership with our clients. We take a personal approach to digital strategy and marketing.

    Our clients are most often in the tech, media and creative industries. However, we aim to devote 30% of our work to non-profit organizations whose goals align with our own.

    We’re a small team by design and we choose to work on projects we’re invested in, doing the things that we do best. We like to think of ourselves as partners, rather than just another agency.

    We also provide white label services to agencies, handling specialty tasks and overflow work seamlessly.

    If you need something outside our toolbox, we work with an extended network of friends, creatives, and partner agencies to expand our scope of services.

    We are proud to be a women and POC owned agency.

    Eschaton is a pioneering virtual immersive theatre experience hailed by the New York Times as “a singularly outrageous nightclub” that pushes the envelope of video chat technology.

    Visual reimagining.

    When the pandemic hit, Eschaton was one of the first and most well known immersive theatre experiences to pivot online. After creating the virtual version of the show in a matter of weeks and running for four months to rave reviews, Eschaton came to us to complete a full UX/UI and visual reimagining of the show leading to the launch of Eschaton: The Next Chapter. We were faced with creatively solving challenges of social interaction that didn’t exist 12 months prior and creating a new visual language in the process. Given the challenges presented by the pandemic, we were quite literally doing something that had never been done before!

    Immersive future.

    In redesigning Eschaton, we didn’t just design a show for social distancing. We designed for a new form of live digital entertainment that will continue to engage, enthrall, and entertain long into the post-pandemic future.

    Eschaton was nominated for The Producers Guild of America Innovation Award in 2022.