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We are a small and nimble design, development, branding, marketing, and social media management agency based in the Arts District DTLA. ICONIC IMAGERY SPEAKS FOR ITSELF

Our Team

Kari Svendsboe

kari “Making your web dreams come true, one div at a time.”

Founder, Head Cowgirl, Chief Code Wrangler

Zelda Lin

kevin “There, I fixed it.”

Founder, Art Director, Lead Developer

Linden Goh

linden “My circus, my monkeys.”

Founder, Digital Rodeo Ringleader

Kevin Talbot

kevin “Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, I do all of it!”

Social Strategist, East Coast Client Manager


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    Our bag of tricks includes:

    • full stack web development
    • responsive design
    • graphic design
    • UX/UI design
    • WordPress development
    • app development
    • custom CMS development
    • custom database development
    • branding
    • content and digital strategy
    • creative content development
    • copywriting
    • social media and digital marketing
    • SEO
    • quality assurance
    • website maintenance


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    About Code Rodeo

    Code Rodeo is a creative agency for digital projects that matter.

    We make beautifully designed, custom built websites and applications in partnership with our clients. We take a personal approach to digital strategy and marketing.

    Our clients are most often in the tech, media and creative industries. However, we aim to devote 30% of our work to non-profit organizations whose goals align with our own.

    We’re a small team by design and we choose to work on projects we’re invested in, doing the things that we do best. We like to think of ourselves as partners, rather than just another agency.

    We also provide white label services to agencies, handling specialty tasks and overflow work seamlessly.

    If you need something outside our toolbox, we work with an extended network of friends, creatives, and partner agencies to expand our scope of services.

    We are proud to be a women and POC owned agency.

    Mark Seliger was Rolling Stone’s chief photographer for over a decade. His portraiture is iconic, having shot Presidents Obama, Clinton, W. Bush and Carter, Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, U2, Kurt Cobain and many more. His photography continues to shape popular culture. Who could forget Kim Kardashian’s magnificent naked silver butt?

    Form follows function.

    Mark Seliger’s images were all over the internet but the photographer didn’t have his own website. His work was represented on various gallery, media and manager’s sites but he wanted to regain control over the presentation of his extensive body of work. Seliger is a huge fan of architect Richard Neutra’s work (he had Neutra’s Alpha Wirin House in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, meticulously restored as his residence) and so Code Rodeo took a similar approach to designing his website. We knew that it had to be, first and foremost, functional, with a clean and streamlined aesthetic. The design had to serve the content and it had to be easily updatable, as Seliger is constantly shooting new photos.

    Renovating for the future.

    Seliger again approached Code Rodeo when the site needed an updated design direction. He wanted a more dynamic site, while still in keeping with our original design. Given Seliger’s long history with moving images and stills, giving these pieces a more prominent place was key. The challenge was to introduce more elements, but to keep them elegant and unobtrusive, which we achieved with the help of CSS3 transitions and HTML5 video. We also designed a new, cleaner mobile layout, and implemented social media sharing for all content.